Mallard Medical was established in 1984 as a sales and marketing company. Previously, the founder had spent eleven years with Johnson & Johnson. Over the next 21 years, Mallard Medical added more sales representatives and became a leader in the Mid-Atlantic region's acute care market.

In 2000, Mallard added the Clear Channel™ line of endoscopic cleaning brushes to its business portfolio. Soon thereafter, Mallard also added specialty distribution to its business lines and completed a warehouse. Developed by industrial brush engineers, the Clear Channel brushes achieved impressive results in clinical tests and quickly became a leading product line for Mallard. Clear Channel products are made with U.S. content and assembled in Mexico. Mallard expanded its brush line in 2005.

In 2007, Mallard continued its expansion through import-export and select distribution agreements with U.S.-based manufacturers. In 2008, this careful but vigorous expansion continued through Mallard's co-branded launch of space-age, environmentally-friendly medical foam products and an aggressive addition to its sales force.

In 2010, Mallard became a full line primary and acute care dealer with specialities in anesthesia, respiratory, endoscopy, EMS and employee health, and launched a number of new products under its Clear Channel™ label. The company also began repairing respiratory products and scopes. For more information about this dynamic company, please feel free to contact our eager staff.

In 2017, Mallard Medical returned to its roots as a manufacturer's representative and domestic dealer.

Copyright Mallard Medical Ltd.

Copyright Mallard Medical Ltd.